Life Story: Modafinil Cognitive Brain Enhancer

Life Story: Modafinil Cognitive Brain Enhancer

Modafinil Brain Enhancer

In this article, we want to tell the story of a successful director from Silicon Valley. Here you will learn how modafinil helps a person with various diseases.

My first exposure to modafinil happened in early 2012. A well-known organization was hosting a forum dedicated to new successful businessmen. One influential director and my friend showed me these pills. I started to worry about him, a lot of successful people ruined their careers. Drugs have killed many young successful people.

History of success

Finally, I decided to talk to him. It turned out that he had ADHD. The doctor advised modafinil to enhance concentration and high performance. Taking the drug lasts more than a year. My friend began to feel great. At regular intervals, he stops taking modafinil, checking to see if addiction has developed.
My friend was very happy that I was worried about his health and career. At the end of the evening he was honored with a high awards. His high scores made me study modafinil and its effects.

In my business, you need to always be on the crest of the wave, new technologies do not stand still. Many young successful competitors. Over the age of 40, people lose their grip and give in to their clients to more daring 20-year-olds. I work hard to achieve success. I have a large team to monitor him and his productivity. To my great disappointment, it became difficult for me to do quality work. Age had negative consequences.
By my 40s, I began to feel difficulty with my health. I have multiple sclerosis, constant fatigue, stress. This began to worry me, it could have a bad effect on my work. I have a big responsibility towards my employees.

High scores

Multiple sclerosis can affect performance, and I’ve had to try many different treatments. There is no cure for sclerosis, the main treatment is aimed at slowing the progression and reducing symptoms. To reduce the symptoms, I took various beta interferons. The doctors also prescribed Copaxone, the drug slows down the progress of multiple sclerosis.
In addition, I started taking muscle relaxants, I had problems with general mobility, there was no effect from the drug. Prozac helped a little with the fatigue, but I lost focus. But these drugs did not help much, the disease progressed. I observed that the symptoms progressed and new ones appeared. The most striking is fatigue. I slept more than 10 hours, but in the morning I felt overwhelmed and weak. I had to hide these feelings at work and at home.
Over time, a feeling of poor coordination in the legs began to come and it became difficult to move around. I had to move very slowly and the people around me began to notice it. I was most afraid of problems related to mental activity and concentration. And these problems began to overtake me. My memory began to suffer, I forgot my plans for the day.
I began to struggle with this, several methods gave a positive result. I had to give clearer instructions to my subordinates. They began to fulfill their duties responsibly. One of my employees did not like it, he left for another job. I am glad that I still have a great team that has stood the test of time.

The role of modafinil in my life

I struggled with the disease, but unfortunately I could not get 100% result. I lacked vigor and vitality. This started to cause problems in my home as well. The wife lacked attention and common themes. I was very tired and needed only rest.

Once my best friend and colleague shared a novelty in the pharmacology of information about the “smart pill” – Modafinil. I knew many people who ruined their lives and careers by taking Xanax or other substances, I was very careful about this information. But I decided to study the medicine and consulted with my doctor.
I learned Modafinil is a safe drug. It was studied by scientists pharmacologists and the FDA. And it is used by more than 10 million people every year. Modafinil is prescribed for narcolepsy and fatigue associated with sleep apnea. Some people take for other purposes. For example, to increase brain activity, to improve cognitive function, reduce symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and to treat a number of mental and neurodegenerative disorders, including bipolar disorder, depression, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, seasonal affective disorders. disorder and schizophrenia.
I became convinced that modafinil is quite safe and is used to treat many chronic diseases, multiple sclerosis was on this list. I went to the doctor, we conducted a study of my body and the tolerance of modafinil. And I started taking pills that improve brain function.

Victory! Modafinil helped me

The first dose was with a low dosage of modafinil. I had to understand how the medicine works on my body. In order to feel the work of the drug, it must accumulate in the body. A little time passed and I began to feel better, the symptoms of the disease began to soften. After 3 weeks, the doctor gave me a large dosage. The result was not long in coming. My brain began to work actively. My wife and colleagues noticed this improvement. I began to actively communicate with new people, find new clients. I felt young again.

Unfortunately, the fatigue partly remained with me. After work, I still have the energy to spend full time with my wife and children. We travel a lot around the country, visit new places. Modafinil has become a helper in my life. But the disease stayed with me. With multiple sclerosis, regular exacerbations are observed, after attacks, according to my feelings, I recover faster. Maybe I’m lucky!?

Modafinil has helped me become active and move well. I also take Ampira, the most popular treatment, I have become more confident and able to give my best at work. Which led to an exit from depression and stress. Brain enhancer Modafinil I do not want to advise people with chronic diseases. Here I told my experience. It’s up to you to draw conclusions. You MUST consult a doctor before taking!

Thanks to Modafinil

I can confirm that modafinil helped me feel like a complete member of society, it brought me back. Traveling has returned to my life, new acquaintances, relations with my wife and children have improved.

Thank the professionals and doctors who have studied modafinil, the users of online communities who give advice and support people. I also decided to share my experience, I hope it will help people with such a disease. I advised my colleague with Parkinson’s disease to take modafinil. After a while, he bought a cheap generic Artvigil and started taking it. He improved his memory. I was lucky I helped, just like my friend helped me.

Strange story, the drug is approved as safe, but not approved for many diseases. It seems to me that the omissions of scientists and doctors. Unfortunately, they are rather slow in working on these issues.


It seems to me that there are a number of problems associated with the sale of drugs that are not approved for use. these medicines can adversely affect you and your condition. But I can reassure you that those substances that are approved by the FDA or MHRA (Great Britain) are safe. Please note that all medications have side effects.

A large community of modafinil, they say that they have improved their quality of life. I can say from myself that I am also satisfied. I can’t recommend modafinil, I’m not a doctor. This story of my life, in which modafinil helped to return!
Thank you!)

P.S The original modafinil in pharmacies is expensive, I used generics, buy modafinil online at the pharmacy

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