Modafinil Weight Loss

Modafinil Weight Loss

Modafinil Weight Loss

Modafinil Weight Loss Reviews and Results

1)What Is Modafinil (Provigil, Modvigil)?
2)How Modafinil Cause Weight Loss?
3)How Does It Work?
4)Other Factors That Influence Weight Loss
5)Reviews and Results
6)Dangers and Risks
7)Are These Medications Legal To Buy?
8)Buy Cheap Modvigil 100 Online

The first is Modafinil, a popular and widely used sleep normalizer and a cognitive enhancer. This medication comes from the analeptic family, which means it is a stimulant of the central neural system. This drug is approved by the FDA to be used for treating sleeping disorders associated with narcolepsy, changes in working shifts, and excessive drowsiness caused by problems with breathing during sleep (obstructive sleep apnea).

Modafinil is distributed under several brand names — Modvigil, Provigil, Modalert and others. All drugs are represented in the form of oral tablets, in various strengths. By biochemical action, the active substance is a blocker of the dopamine reuptake. The whole mechanism is not fully studied yet, but it is believed it has a light effect to increase the level of histamine and some neuroactive peptides. Thus, modafinil enhances brain functions.

Provigil and other, modafinil medicines are also used as smart drugs to help with concentration, learning abilities, and mental capacities. This use is off-label, and doctors cannot prescribe this medicine for this purpose. Through it all, a lot of people take it for unofficial uses. There was research that proved it effective for depression, dissociative disorders, drug addiction, and weight loss.

How Modafinil Cause Weight Loss?

Losing weight may seem one of the side effects of Provigil, Modalert, or Modvigil. Why? Let’s see what causes this effect. These drugs are developed and administered for mental, mood, and sleeping disorders.

Working in the brain, they result in the following influence on the mental, emotional, and physical state of a human’s body:

Increased heartbeat. This brings a faster metabolism, which is directly associated with weight loss.
Improved mood. It helps to enjoy life and yourself, which lessens the risk of excessive eating.
The chemical processes in the brain caused by nootropics suppress the feeling of hunger.
High energy and motivation. A person who takes stimulants stays more physically active and motivated to do exercises to get rid of extra kilos.
Let’s look deeper into the mechanism of action of the drugs and see how it actually works for these and other factors that help people to achieve their goal.

How Does It Work?

Modafinil increase the level of neurotransmitters in the central neural system. Dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin deliver messages from one neuron to another, and then to muscles and cells. They amplify the cognitive functions, physical energy, emotional state, and mental health. Also, serotonin brings the feeling of happiness and euphoria. This all provides the effects that we will review below.

Loss of Appetite

The users who took modafinil drugs for various reasons reported decreased appetite. This phenomenon can be explained by the high dopamine level.
In this situation, a person feels more energetic, concentrated on professional or other activities, and hence has less necessity to eat.
Certainly, it can help you to lose weight, control your diet, and not to consume extra calories.

Enhanced Cognitive Functions

A better brain functioning and improved mental activity provided the improved transmission of signals in neural system, helps people to work on their goals more effectively. With the help of nootropic medicines users can make a better plan of nutrition and exercises, and follow it strictly. They can change their lifestyle and have a will to hold to a plan.

Increased Levels of Dopamine

Dopamine helps us not only to normalize sleep and bring emotions and cognition to order, but it also helps us to change the attitude to life and feel more satisfied. This effect has one additional and unexpected reaction. People who can find joy and satisfaction in their everyday activities have lesser risk of excessive or uncontrolled food consumption. They do not need food to feel happy, thus they lose extra weight easier and quicker.

Increased energy

Our medications enhance energy and increase zest for life. This also is achieved thanks to the aroused level of neurotransmitters — a brain sends signals to a body that it is full of strengths and is ready for action.

This energy is realized through staying always busy and active. Physical and mental activity burns fat, and a user of Modafinil loses weight.

Motivation Boost

Being drugs for ADHD and emotional and mood disorders, Provigil improve motivation and concentration. People with elevated motivation have more capacities to go to the gym regularly and keep to a diet. They are highly committed and result-oriented. All this help nootropic users to get fit quickly.

Actual Physical Activity

Under the influence of extra dopamine and serotonin, people often feel excited and agitated. It leads to additional physical activities, like dances, walks, sports, manual work, and so on. People who use brain stimulants do not like to sit idly or have nothing to do. Obviously, such activity effectively burns calories and brings the body to a good shape.


You may be surprised, but when it comes to a weight loss, some adverse reactions of our body to drugs can be useful. For instance, a side effect of modafinil is nausea, which may be effective to suppress the feeling of hunger. Not the way you would like to lose weight, maybe, but for 11% of users this effect is inevitable, so why not to turn misfortune into an asset.


Highly motivated and result-oriented people with improved brain activity have better control over themselves and their actions.
For example, they do not miss trainings in the gym, can resist the temptation to sit on the couch watching a movie, and don’t eat unhealthy hamburgers and soda drinks with lots of sugar. No wonder it helps to get thinner.

Other Factors That Influence Weight Loss

How to lose weight with modafinil

The list of factors that can affect the result is long and worth paying attention to. Taking nootropics for weight loss, you have to take into account many circumstances that influence your shape. Most of them are under your control, and it is better to make them work for the desired result.

So, let’s see what else can help you to shed the unwanted weight:

-Time span

You have to remember that tablets do not work immediately, and it can take up to a year to see the first results and feel the desired lightness. The users who only started take the medications will not notice any changes, but there is no need to panic just because it works fast. At the same time, long-time users may run into the effect of tolerance to the drug, when the body gets used to and resists its action. It may cause gaining some pounds that were lost before.


Some users claim that the minimal effective dose for modafinil is 100 or 200 mg per day, and there is no need to increase it, as the positive effects are doubtful while the adverse reactions can be dangerous. Other users report a high efficacy of daily dosages up to 400 mg in adults. The dose and the response is dependent on your own weight. The bigger your body is, the less effective the minimal dose will be. If you need to shed a lot of weight, you may take more medication for it. In any case, to understand how much medicine you may take for your needs, it is best to consult a doctor.

The schedule of the drug administration. There is no common schedule of the medication intake necessary for weight loss. Some people take modafinil only twice or thrice a week to minimize the risk of side effects and addiction. But at the same time, such a timetable decreases the efficacy of the drugs.

-The brand

Pay attention to the trademark of the drug you use. It may have a different strength and even a different time of action.


Your everyday activities, the food you eat, the beverages you drink, your daily schedule, and everything else you do affects your shape. And drugs alone will not be as effective as if they were combined with healthy food, a low-sugar and low-fat diet, regular sports, and an active.

-Your biological inheritance

There are people who have a tendency to be overweight by their nature, as genetics plays bad jokes with us sometimes. And some do not need anything extra to stay slim. Those who are not lucky should not be in despair, as genetics is not a final verdict. It will just take more time and more effort from you to achieve the desired results.

-Other drugs

Some medicaments, like neuroleptics and antidepressants, may reduce the action of nootropics. On the contrary, some drugs that also are administered for losing weight, together with modafinil, may cause too quick an action, which is not good for your health.
In summary, using medicines to lose extra kilograms, you should not forget about sports and diets, tracing your body and health condition and changing the dose if needed. Never mix different drugs without professional advice, and be patient.

Reviews and Results

The Internet contains various reports from users about the efficacy of the reviewed drugs for shedding weight. The opinions differ from enthusiasm and admiration to complete denial and pessimism. Here are some arguments for and against using nootropics for getting thinner:
  • The cons are numerous, and some of the most common are related to the questions of legality of using these medications off the instruction. People say that it is dangerous not only because of the unpredicted consequences, but also because there is a huge risk to buy fake medicines. Others mention that the effectiveness of the drug is not significant without additional diet and exercises. One of the main concerns of the users is about the side effects of the cognitive enhancers, so we will review them below.
  • Nevertheless, there are lots of people who declare the high effectiveness of such medicaments. People say that they felt the significant loss of appetite, boost of energy, and motivation. It helped these users to gain athletic forms and get fit.
  • As for the scientific researches and trials, these drugs were not studied for this purpose. Modafinil have the proven effects to improve brain functions, and the weight loss is typified as the side effect of these medicines in instructions and medical articles.
  • Modafinil

    How to take the medication is the main factor that influences the effectiveness of the drugs. The users lose different amounts of weight, and they account for it by the differences in the doses, schedule, way of life, and habits.

    There is evidence that some users lost noticeable weight: 18 kilos with modafinil during over a year. There were studies held to gather the veritable reviews of those who lost weight after taking nootropics. And the majority of people reported losing a lesser amount of fat, from 3 to 7 kilos.

    Dangers and Risks

    Rather astonishing results, aren’t they? Let’s not get too excited about them. Do not forget that these drugs are strictly regulated. Not without a reason, by the way. Nootropics may cause serious side effects, especially when the administration is not administered by a doctor.

    Modafinil was not noticed to cause serious addiction, but pay attention to the symptoms of the overdose and call a doctor immediately if you feel the following:

    constant and long-term nausea;
    heavy and fast heartbeat;
    nervousness, uncontrolled anxiety;
    serious problems with sleep;
    hypertension, headache.

    There are less common side effects of modafinil, like digestion disorders, skin problems, dry mouth, etc., but they usually pass when the body becomes tolerant to the drug.

    Are These Medications Legal To Buy?

    Modafinil is prescribed for narcolepsy and excessive daytime sleepiness. Doctors never prescribe modafinil for non-official uses.Yes, sometimes medical workers can administer it off-label. Of course, you will ask yourself how to get a prescribed one. Just ask your doctor.

    Modafinil can be delivered to the USA, to individuals for personal use, from countries where it is allowed, though this is risky for a couple of reasons. First of all, you cannot buy big quantities of the medications, as they can be stopped on the US border. And another minus is that you will not be able to make sure that you got a real drug, not a chalk powder.

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